Tire / Tyre Basics

This FREE report is designed to serve as a basis of understanding for the tire / tyre industry. It is not highly technical but it summarises the construction of a tire / tyre and how it is manufactured. It then looks at the information presented on the sidewall of every tire / tyre and explains the significance of each code.

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Tire / Tyre History

This report traces the origins and development of the tire / tyre from the earliest days to the present time. The core theme is the evolution of the tire / tyre and the personalities and companies that contributed to this development.

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Tire / Tyre Overview

This report captures the "big picture" by examining the whole industry worldwide. This is an extremely useful preparation for the more detailed specific and regional reports as it provides the context for each aspect of the industry. It first looks at the growth of the total market and then breaks it down into the component parts. The major product groupings are identified such as passenger car tires (tyres) and truck tires (tyres) as well as the more specialist product areas such as agricultural tires / tyres, earthmover tires / tyres and aircraft tires / tyres.

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Tire / Tyre Brands

There has been a proliferation of tire / tyre brands as a result of mergers and takeovers and the increasing awareness by the major players of the importance of market segmentation. In addition, new entrants to the world market have understood the importance of easily recognised brands in their main export markets.

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Where Tires / Tyres are made

With the globalisation of the tire industry it is very difficult to know where tires are made. Not all Goodyear tires are made in America. Michelin sources its tires from all five continents. So too does Bridgestone. However, there is a way to find out exactly where a tire has been made, regardless of the brand name.

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Tire / Tyre Capital Investment

The idea of this report is to list all capital investments announced by major tire / tyre companies, both by company and by region. These would remain in place until the investment programme was completed.

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An Apology

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