Tire / Tyre Basics

This FREE report is designed to serve as a basis of understanding for the tire / tyre industry. It is not highly technical but it summarises the construction of a tire / tyre and how it is manufactured. It then looks at the information presented on the sidewall of every tire / tyre and explains the significance of each code.

The most fundamental distinction in the entire industry is probably the relative significance of radial tires / tyres and bias-ply tires / tyres. Here the difference is explained and, more importantly, the implications these differences have for the marketing of these tires.

The report ends with a comprehensive glossary of tire terms and other frequently encountered acronyms and other descriptions.


  • The Role of the Tire / Tyre
  • Parts of a Tire / Tyre
  • How a Tire¬†/ Tyre is Made
  • What the Codes Mean
  • Radial v Bias Tires / Tyres
  • Glossary of Terms
  • References

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An Apology

Half the world uses the word "tire" whilst the other half uses "tyre". Unfortunately search engines don't realise that they mean the same. In order to be recognised by the search machines we have had to resort to the irritating strategy of duplicating the two words. Sorry!