Tire / Tyre Brands

There has been a proliferation of tire / tyre brands as a result of mergers and takeovers and the increasing awareness by the major players of the importance of market segmentation. In addition, new entrants to the world market have understood the importance of easily recognised brands in their main export markets.

This paper gives a listing of the major tire / tyre brands linked to the brand owners, both alphabetically and by each of the major players. In addition it lists the secondary brands used by these major players to distinguish their various products.

The list cannot claim to be comprehensive but it is hoped that, with contributions from readers, that it can become a useful reference for world brands.


  • Brands by Company
  • Brands alphabetically

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A spreadsheet of over 1,000 tire / tyre brands

The number of tire / tyre brand and product names is expanding all the time. This download lists over 1,000 of them with the brand owner. It is probably the most comprehensive list of world brands available anywhere but even this will always be a work-in-progress. If the brand name that you are interested is not on this list please text the name to us and we will research it and respond to you.

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An Apology

Half the world uses the word "tire" whilst the other half uses "tyre". Unfortunately search engines don't realise that they mean the same. In order to be recognised by the search machines we have had to resort to the irritating strategy of duplicating the two words. Sorry!