Tire / Tyre Capital Investment

The idea of this report is to list all capital investments announced by major tire / tyre companies, both by company and by region. These would remain in place until the investment programme was completed.

Such a listing would give a good indication of how much investment was taking place, who was making it and where it was being made.

However, the recent savage contraction in demand has led to a flurry of cancellations, postponements and delays. For the moment the investment climate is so uncertain that little purpose would be served by such a listing. It is hoped that it will be possible to begin such a survey in the early part of 2011 when companies will, hopefully, have a clearer view of their future requirements.

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An Apology

Half the world uses the word "tire" whilst the other half uses "tyre". Unfortunately search engines don't realise that they mean the same. In order to be recognised by the search machines we have had to resort to the irritating strategy of duplicating the two words. Sorry!