Tire / Tyre History

This report traces the origins and development of the tire / tyre from the earliest days to the present time. The core theme is the evolution of the tire / tyre and the personalities and companies that contributed to this development.

Linked in with this, it describes the contribution of enabling sciences, particularly developments in synthetic rubber and the way that the evolving requirements of the automotive industry were met.

Major developments in the structure of the industry are placed in the context of tire / tyre development to show how some companies became world leaders whilst others faded from view.


  • Introduction
  • The Forerunners 1840 - 1884
  • The Early Days 1885 - 1914
  • Development of Synthetics 1909 - 1945
  • Market Development 1914 - 1940>
  • Advance of the Radial 1940 - 1980
  • Consolidation and Change 1980 - 2009

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An Apology

Half the world uses the word "tire" whilst the other half uses "tyre". Unfortunately search engines don't realise that they mean the same. In order to be recognised by the search machines we have had to resort to the irritating strategy of duplicating the two words. Sorry!