Tire / Tyre Industry in North America

Since the early days of motoring, North America has been the most important market for tires. It is still the market where tire manufacturers must succeed if they are to play a significant role in world trade. The North American Free Trade Agreement has tied the three countries – Canada, Mexico and the USA – more closely together and this has formed a larger and even more attractive market for tire companies.

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Tire / Tyre Industry in South America

The name "South America" as used in this context also includes Central America and the Caribbean. It is mainly Spanish and Portuguese speaking and it encompasses a wide variety of economies from middle-income states such as Argentina or Chile to some of the poorest in the world such as Haiti.

The region and the tire market are dominated by Brazil - a country with five times the population of its nearest rival in the region and the "B" of "BRIC". It has underperformed its potential for much of the last century but in the last decade it has shown strong growth, even though this has slackened recently.

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Tire / Tyre Industry in Europe

The European tire market is one of the largest in the world but it is still remarkably diverse. The big difference is between the old eastern and western halves of the continent but some of the eastern states are catching up rapidly with their western counterparts. Others, such as Romania and Bulgaria, still lag far behind despite being members of the EU. Even within western Europe there are marked differences between northern and southern countries and these differences have been exacerbated by the problems in the eurozone since 2008.

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Tire / Tyre Industry in Russia & CIS

The tire industry in Russia and the two largest countries in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) has led a rather turbulent history since the break up of the Soviet Union in 1991. The country was self-sufficient in tires but quality was inconsistent so imported tires found a ready market. In the initial anarchic phase local oligarchs dominated the indigenous factories but these gradually gave way to domination by the chemical operations of the big oil and gas organisations. Even here, there was a great deal of political maneuvering and ownership changed for many of the factories.

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Tire / Tyre Industry in the Middle East

The Middle East is not a large market in comparison to some other regions but it has an importance that belies its size. With the exception of Egypt, arabic-speaking North Africa has had small tire manufacturing facilities but most of these have either closed or are operating with difficulty. Egypt too, is currently experiencing a difficult business climate but it has the advantage of two large tire manufacturing facilities and it is also one of the largest single markets in the Middle East.

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Tire / Tyre Industry in Africa Sub Sahara

In area, Africa is one of the biggest world regions but in terms of the market size for tires it is one of the smallest. However, the last decade has seen rapid growth in most economies and it is forecast to be the most rapidly growing region in the next decade. In the fifteen years between 1995 and 2010, the 45 countries in sub-Saharan Africa averaged a growth in GDP of 5% a year; a performance almost equalling that of China.

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