Tire / Tyre Industry in Africa Sub Sahara

In area, Africa is one of the biggest world regions but in terms of the market size for tires it is one of the smallest. However, the last decade has seen rapid growth in most economies and it is forecast to be the most rapidly growing region in the next decade. In the fifteen years between 1995 and 2010, the 45 countries in sub-Saharan Africa averaged a growth in GDP of 5% a year; a performance almost equalling that of China.

African Tire RegionsThe only country in sub-Saharan Africa with both a sophisticated market for tires and a substantial manufacturing capability is South Africa. However, there are some very large and potentially wealthy markets elsewhere in Africa. Nigeria has an estimated population of 170 million, more than three times that of South Africa, and Ethiopia too is almost twice the size. In addition a number of countries are approaching middle-income status at which point the tire market will grow rapidly.

At present all countries in this region, including South Africa, are importing increasing quantities of tires, particularly from Asia. At the same time many of these countries have had relatively sophisticated tire manufacturing plants which have either closed down completely or are operating at a fraction of their potential. As a result there is a lot of interest in ways to revive tire manufacturing in Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique and Ethiopia amongst others.

Two reports are available for this region. The one that can be downloaded immediately examines the structure of the tire manufacturing industry in the Middle East and North Africa and surveys every tire factory in the region on a comparable basis.

Africa Sub Sahara - Tire / Tyre Factories

18 pages; 1.2MB

  • Introduction
  • Summary of plants
  • Maps
  • Details of plants:
    • Cameroon
    • DR Congo
    • Ethiopia
    • Ghana
    • Kenya
    • Mozambique
    • Nigeria
    • South Africa
    • Sudan
    • Tanzania
    • Zimbabwe
  • DOT Codes for the region

The whole report can be printed out but it is designed for use electronically with numerous internal and external hyperlinks.

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Full Report on the African Tire / Tyre Industry

Alternatively, if you need information about other aspects of the market such as production, market size, distribution channels, retail outlets and market shares, a special report can be prepared quickly. Contact  Neil Mullineux via the Contact World Tire Report Page with an outline of your requirements.

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