Tire / Tyre Industry in Japan

Japan plays a major role in the world tire industry. It has the third largest economy in the world and has both a sophisticated and a comparatively wealthy market for tires. It is the headquarters and manufacturing base for four of the twelve largest tire companies, including the largest company of all, Bridgestone.

Japanese Tire RegionsAs a result of this concentration of expertise the Japanese market is a leader in both manufacturing processes and retailing though some methods are adapted for different markets.

Two reports are available for this region. The one that can be downloaded immediately examines the structure of the tire manufacturing industry in Japan and surveys every tire factory in the region on a comparable basis.

Japanese - Tire / Tyre Factories

21 pages, 2.0MB

  • Introduction
  • Summary of plants
  • Maps
  • Details of plants by region
  • DOT Codes for the region

The whole report can be printed out but it is designed for use electronically with numerous internal and external hyperlinks.

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Full Report on the Japanese Tire / Tyre Industry

Alternatively, if you need information about other aspects of the market such as production, market size, distribution channels, retail outlets and market shares, a special report can be prepared quickly. Contact  Neil Mullineux via the Contact World Tire Report Page with an outline of your requirements.

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