Tire / Tyre Industry in North America

Since the early days of motoring, North America has been the most important market for tires. It is still the market where tire manufacturers must succeed if they are to play a significant role in world trade. The North American Free Trade Agreement has tied the three countries – Canada, Mexico and the USA – more closely together and this has formed a larger and even more attractive market for tire companies.

North American Tire RegionsThe industry is changing and reforming in order to meet these challenges. The companies already manufacturing in North America are working to reduce labor costs, either by increasing capital investment or by moving to areas with lower costs. Many of the  tire companies that began by exporting to North America have now decided that they must have a manufacturing presence within the region. They are announcing plans for new factories and for major expansions in order to meet at least some of their sales with local production.

The market is fiercely competitive in all aspects of the wider tire market - passenger car tires, truck and bus tires, agricultural tires and OTR tires – but the most efficient firms have done well. The specialist tire markets in particular, have seen new entrants arrive and some of the established firms leave certain sectors. Nevertheless, most activity has been with new arrivals investing in passenger car tires. Imports from Asia, and particularly from China, have soared. This has led the USA to accuse Chinese manufacturers of dumping tires and the administration imposed additional tariffs on these tires. This in turn led to increased imports from other Asian countries and they will fight to retain their market share now that the tariffs on Chines tires are falling.

The retail market in both the USA and Canada is undergoing considerable change but the biggest changes are likely to be in Mexico as the effects of NAFTA permeate through the population, particularly in northern Mexico.

Two reports are available for this region. The one which can be downloaded immediately  examines the structure of the tire manufacturing industry in North America and surveys every tire factory in Canada, Mexico and USA on a comparable basis.

North America - Tire / Tyre Factories

  • Introduction
  • Summary of plants
  • Maps
  • Details of plants:
    • Canada
    • Mexico
    • USA
  • DOT Codes for the region

The whole report can be printed out but it is designed for use electronically with numerous internal and external hyperlinks.

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Full Report on the North American Tire / Tyre Industry

Alternatively, if you need information about other aspects of the market such as production, market size, distribution channels, retail outlets and market shares, a special report can be prepared quickly. Contact  Neil Mullineux via the Contact World Tire Report Page with an outline of your requirements.

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