Bridgestone Company Profile

Bridgestone LogoBridgestone has risen quickly to a leading position in the world tire / tyre industry, particularly since it took over its one-time mentor, Firestone. It now has a strong position in each of the three main developed markets and it is growing strongly in the developing markets. This profile analyses the company in depth to assess whether it will pull ahead of its rivals in the next few years.

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Goodyear Company Profile

Goodyear LogoGoodyear was by far the largest tire / tyre company in the world and, although it has now lost that position, it still has an iconic brand image and technical strength in depth. With its use of the Dunlop brand (shared with Sumitomo) it is making inroads in key markets and consolidating its position as one of the top three tire companies.

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Michelin Company Profile

Michelin LogoMichelin is the oldest established tire company in the world and vies with Bridgestone for the leading position. It has the most widely recognized tire brand (and the very familiar figure of Bibendum) together with an enviable reputation for technical innovation. It now sees itself as a global company and is active in all developing markets.

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Continental Company Profile

Continental LogoContinental has grown from a purely European company to have a significant presence in North America and key operations in the most important growth markets. It had a wider strategy than most tire / tyre companies as it expanded into wheel related technologies which could ultimately link in with tire / tyre developments. However, the recent takeover by Schaeffler has left it burdened with debt and its future strategy or even ownership may be in doubt.

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Pirelli Company Profile

Pirelli LogoPirelli is one of the few large tire / tyre companies with substantial interests outside the industry. Although strong in Europe and with a significant presence in both North and South America it is trying to establish a presence in key developing markets. It has a very strong reputation for high-performance tires / tyres and it hopes to use this for entry into new markets.

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Sumitomo Company Profile

Sumitomo LogoSumitomo was virtually unknown outside Asia until it took over Dunlop. It is co-operating with Goodyear in developing this brand worldwide and it is now firmly established as a financially strong tire producer with a presence in most markets.

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