Kumho Company Profile

Kumho LogoKumho has a similar background and business ambition as Hankook and the two companies have been neck and neck for most of their existence without one clearly outpacing the other. Growth has been based on exports, particularly to developing nations but Kumho, too, has recognized that it needs manufacturing facilities in its key markets and it now has plants in China and Vietnam and is building a plant in the USA. It already has technical centres in both Europe and the USA. However, the financial problems of its parent company have sharply constrained the company's own ambitions.


A summary of the business activity of the company and how it has got to where it is today.


What the company produces and where the products are made worldwide.


Sales details and current marketing strategy.


Key operating statistics and ratios for the last three years.

Technical developments

A review of R&D expenditure and recent  innovations and product launches.


The company strategy derived from official statements and external observations.

Future Prospects

An assessment of the recent achievements of the  company and a view of its likely prospects, taking into account its financial strength, R&D activity and marketing strategy.

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