The Market for Passenger Car Tires / Tyres

The report looks at this particular product market in more detail. It begins by defining the market and explaining the unique requirements that influence both the design and manufacture of suitable products and the specific marketing channels which serve the market.

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The Market for Truck Tires / Tyres

The market for truck tires / tyres is very different from passenger car tires / tyres in terms of end-use markets, customers, and markets served. This report looks first at the total market and then at the geographical regions and the various market segments.  The key trends within this market are identified and analyzed.

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The Market for Agricultural Tires / Tyres

The market for agricultural tires / tyres is specialist, with clearly defined products and markets. A number of the largest tire / tyre companies are exiting this market, making way for the growth of smaller, more specialist, manufacturers and niche players.

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The Market for Earthmover & OTR Tires / Tyres

The market for earthmover and off-the-road (OTR) tires / tyres is the biggest of the specialist markets and also the one requiring the most technical sophistication and capital investment. Only a few companies have the capability of manufacturing the largest of these tires but the recent scarcity in this market and the high prices obtained by the limited number of suppliers has attracted a number of new competitors into this field.

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The Market for Aviation & Aircraft Tires / Tyres

Aviation tires / tyres represent another small but high margin niche market for tires / tyres, in which only a limited number of companies are engaged. Even within a relatively small market there are three separate markets, each with specific and different requirements - commercial, military and general aviation.

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The Market for Two-Wheeler Tires / Tyres

This market includes some of the simplest of tires / tyres - for bicycles - and some of the most sophisticated (motor cycles.) Both the manufacturing demands and the markets for these products differ dramatically so both large and small companies are involved though they do not, in general, compete. However, the edges of these markets are not clear cut and they are becoming even more blurred.

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The Market for Industrial Tires / Tyres

Industrial tires / tyres cover a wide range of applications and the products themselves vary widely. They range from relatively large pneumatic tires used for material handling in ports and transport nodes to small, solid tires / tyres fitted to many fork lift trucks. This variety requires focused distribution systems and this has given opportunities to a number of smaller manufacturers and specialist distributors.

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