Tire / Tyre Materials of Manufacture

A radial tire / tyre consists of roughly 25 different parts and as many as twelve rubber compounds. The materials which go into a tire / tyre account for 25% of the final price of the tire / tyre and they influence everything from the initial design to the disposal options.

Each of the materials making up the final mix has an important role and this report is designed to give an understanding of that role - chemical, physical and economic. All the main materials are examined, the role they play in tire function, the factors involved in their production, the major players involved and the trends in that particular industry.

The main materials covered are:

  • Natural rubber
  • Synthetic rubber
  • Carbon black
  • Silica
  • Steel cord
  • Fibres
  • Chemical additives

This report is already prepared in draft form but will be individually completed for each purchaser in order to incorporate the latest news and information. In addition it may be possible to include additional information on request.

The report will cost $75 and will be sent within five working days of the order.

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